SlimLipo For Laser-Assisted Gynecomastia Surgery


SlimLipo is new on the market of aesthetic medicine. Using the latest laser technology combined with procedures from qualified cosmetic surgeons it enables effective and safe fat removal of hypodermic fat and stretching the skin in all the places where nature, ageing or stressful every day regime leaves its marks. SlimLipo offers the removal of excessive fat on the day of treatment itself, the fat removal efficiency is confirmed by many studies, one of which having been taken place in our clinic.

SlimLipo is a method which uses a laser beam. A Laser is a guided flow of beams of light with a specific wavelength which with efficient energy can damage the tissue. The mechanism of SlimLipo laser lipo is able to use the laser beam with wavelength of 924 nm, 975 nm and their mutual combination. With its correct use by a selective action SlimLipo destroys fat cells while the surrounding tissues remain undamaged. At the same time it supports the reproduction of ligaments so that the most effective stretching of the skin can happen. To know more info Visit Personiks Gynaecomastia Cosmetic Surgery Hospital in Hyderabad for more details about Gynaecomastia Surgery & cost in Hyderabad.

The latest studies confirmed that SlimLipo has minimal impact on surrounding tissues and preserves the connective tissues in comparison to other methods using laser. The Laser beam is led to the fat tissue by direct contact through a probe which width is 1.5 mm. Flexibility of the probe and its length up to 23 cms guarantee an access to every area of unwanted fat with a minimal number of entrances through the skin. After damaging the fat tissue there occurs either a free leakage or direct suction, after a previous agreement with the client and according to the indicated treatment

SlimLipo for Laser-Assisted Gynecomastia Surgery

Doctor and his team are dedicated to providing patients with the best available solutions to their body contouring problems. While traditional liposuction has its place in treating gynecomastia, it can cause trauma to tissues, leading to increased discomfort and a longer recovery period.

For these reasons, we now use SlimLipo to treat gynecomastia. SlimLipo delivers all the benefits of traditional liposuction, without the need for general anesthesia or extensive downtime. The key component is an FDA-approved laser that liquefies the fatty deposits that cause enlarged male breasts.

Doctor is always enthusiastic about innovations in plastic surgery that have stood the test of time. The research and development of SlimLipo took six years to find the optimal way to melt fatty tissue. Since then, clinical results show that SlimLipo can effectively treat gynecomastia with less risk, discomfort, downtime, and cost than traditional liposuction.

The “Slim” in SlimLipo is an abbreviation for Selective Laser Induced Melting, a process that utilizes two ideal “fat melting” laser wavelengths. By way of a few tiny incisions, Doctor uses this patented laser to gently melt fat for removal from your body. What’s more, in comparison with traditional liposuction and mastectomy, gynecomastia with a laser causes fewer traumas in the tissues and vessels that surround areas of fat.

This means less bruising and bleeding, and fewer problems for patients. To know more details on Gynaecomastia visit Icps2016

Scarring is always a concern for patients with gynecomastia. With SlimLipo, only small incisions are needed to remove excess breast fat, so any scarring that does occur is less noticeable than would occur with traditional liposuction for gynecomastia.

5 Reasons Patients Like SlimLipo for Gynecomastia

When considering laser lipolysis with SlimLipo for male breast reduction, patients respond enthusiastically to its ability to:

1. Surgically remove unwanted fat from a man’s chest

2. Correct gynecomastia with less discomfort and downtime

3. Provide effective treatment while minimizing scars

4. Treat a large area of the body

5. Promote skin tightening (unlike traditional liposuction)

Are You A Good Candidate for a Gynecomastia Laser Treatment?

There are a variety of pros and cons to consider before undergoing any procedure, and male breast reduction is no different.

We recommend that patients schedule a preliminary consultation with Doctor if they:

1. Are reluctant to remove their shirts in public

2. Want to improve their overall body proportions

3. Experience psychological discomfort associated with large breasts

4. Want to increase their social confidence

When Doctor and a patient agree that laser-assisted gynecomastia surgery is the right solution, the only other considerations are that the patient

1. Is in good general health

2. Has a positive attitude

3. Has realistic expectations about what can be achieved

If you are more than 40 years of age or have heart disease, Doctor may recommend that you have a preoperative EKG. It will be necessary to get medical clearance from your internist or specialist if you have heart disease, low blood count, or any other medical condition. You cannot have liposuction if you are anemic.

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