Thousands of Fraud Complaints Received by USCIS Regarding H1B Visa

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A senior official of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services reported that as of May 21, 2018, they received more than 5,000 email tips on H1B frauds. Trump started the helpline email in 2017 after he signed the Buy American, Hire American executive order. The email helpline was generated by Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate, where people can send information regarding H1B and H2B visa abuse or frauds.

The USCIS has allowed any person to report a fraud by emailing them at or USCIS chose not to provide any further information regarding the complaints as many big names are involved in the fraud. Philip Smith, the spokesperson, said that according to the executive order, FNDS had helped USCIS to investigate frauds committed in the H1B program. USCIS along with FNDS also started the Targeted Site Visit and Verification Program in April 2017 to enhance the integrity of the immigration benefits process. For H1B Visa Process Visit here

Smith said that by using a targeted approach, they can address the issue better. They’ve received cases that can’t be validated on the employer’s necessary information which is available commercially. The agency has also received information from employees that work off-site at a different location or at a different company. For every case, the officers first check the background of the US employer and the person who has made the complaint.

Partnership with ICE To make sure that investigation occurs appropriately, USCIS has partnered with Immigration and Customs Enforcement that allows FNDS to purse administrative inquiry into more fraud applications. USCIS has mentioned on its web page that many American who are qualified and deserving are ignored, which is unfair treatment. US employers are exceedingly abusing the H1B system as foreign workers ask for lower salaries compared to local American workers.

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